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Having done Photography for “The Basement Tapes Complete” and design of “The Original Basement Tape” (Vinyl Only release for Record Store Day 2015) and restoration and layout for the June 16th 2015 re-release of “Jackie Shane Live” I thought it would be a good idea to be able to play Vinyl again. Bought a Turntable and a friend gave me a couple of Receivers that had been sitting in storage so I took one of them down to Ring Audio on Carlaw in Toronto. They are a busy place cause they do good work, so I bought the Pioneer SX-3700 to listen to while they were fixing a Fisher 180C. That left a Pioneer SX-424 wanting some TLC so I starting searching the internet and it came back to life. Did some Goodwill Hunting, and went a little Craigslist Crazy but the best part of restoring vintage stereo’s is you get music if you’re successful! I’m going to do some Stock Photos of these but then it’s time to move some them on….and there are Speakers too.

These are a few of the Vintage Stereo’s I am willing to sell. The photo’s are unretouched and not product shots. Took them while set up for a different project. They do look better in real life. They have all been tested and Idle Current & DC Offset restored to factory specs. Don’t worry about leaving us without a Stereo, we have others… They all sound awesome! If you’re interested contact

Marantz 2220, 1974, I have the oginal boxes and Owners Manual as well. Has LED Lights and was serviced by Ring Audio in Toronto


Pioneer SX-3700, 1981, 45Wpc purchased from Ring Audio in Toronto (Sold 🙁


Nikko 9095, 65Wpc the Top of the line Nikko for 1976. Two Phono inputs and three sets of Speaker Terminals. The Power Supply Capacitors have been redone, everything else tested OK and it sounds like new.


Harman Kardon 495i, 1987, 45Wpc, Platinum face (obviously) and a lovely sounding Receiver with Memory presets for AM/FM. Power Supply Capacitors redone


Harman Kardon 330i, 1981, 20Wpc, First 330 with Platinum face but they kept that HK “sounds like honey” (Sold 🙁



Advent /1 Speakers


B & O Beovox S120 Speakers


Infinity RSe


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