Noise from 1145

You will probably have to scroll down to see the Nov 16/17 and Nov 21st Videos and if you have the time check out The Nature of Things episode on Sound.
I have left in some ambient sounds like buses and the elevator doors for context. You can compare the relative noise to them.
The Mic input on the iPhone is Mono only and optimized to record voice not to act like a field recorder. If I knew how to reduce the “hiss”
I would, but Sound Editing is a vastly different skill from Video Editing. I have been using headphones when listening with my Mac Pro’s volume at half way
but the noise is clearly audible above the “hiss”. If you can’t hear the “noise” then turn the volume on your computer up.

Interesting section on how we’re listening while we sleep for sounds of Danger like knocking or banging but can ignore other sounds like buses etc.

Also linked to a few articles that seem to suggest that under the current Condo Act the Board has a duty to resolve this issue

This page is not public. There is an ambient sound of me sleeping at 4:28am but the rustling sound is my being woken. I edited out a few minutes but it’s still too large to email and the times are less exact.